Top 50 2011 National Olympiad Winners Announced!

The 2011 National English Olympiad, sponsored by De Beers, has offically announced their top 50 winners! The exam which took place 8 March, saw over 6 700 Grade 10 – 12 learners from all around Southern Africa enter.

While the rank order of the top 100 will be announed at 11h00 on Thursday 14 July, below is the list of the top 50 learners, in alphabetical order:

Alphabetical List 1 – 15

Name         Surname                  School                                                                     Grade

Emma          Atkinson                      Pietermaritzburg GHS                                                  11

Belinda        Banks                           St Dominic’s Academy, Newcastle                              11

Ruth             Brain                            Springfield Convent                                                       12

Anika            Brand                          St Patrick’s College, CBC                                               12

Christiaan    Bronkhorst                 St Andrew’s School, Bloemfontein                              11

Roxanne       Carlse                          Uplands College                                                               12

Ethan            Chetty                          Edenglen High School                                                    12

Ian                 Currie                           Pretoria Boys High School                                            12

Kerstin          Hall                               Chesterhouse                                                                   12

Hankyeol      Lee                                Edenglen High School                                                    12

Nicholas       Lock                               York High School                                                            12

Emile            Pienaar                          Somerset College                                                             12

Lillina           Ruiters                           Westerford High School                                                12

Trudie           Spangenberg                 Pretoria High School for Girls                                     12

Esther            Van Zyl                          Parel Vallei                                                                       12

Alphabetical List 16 – 50

Samantha      Arnold                           St John’s DSG                                                                  12

Meghan          Boroughs                      De La Salle Holy Cross Convent                                  12


Ismail              Bulbulia                        St John’s College                                                             11

Matthew          Field                              Selborne College                                                             11

Allison              Gallant                         Stirling High School                                                       12

Simone             Gray                              The Wykeham Collegiate                                              12

Stuart               Hadfield                       Michaelhouse                                                                   12

Cherith            Herolds                         The King’s College                                                           12

Jessica             Hichens                         Westerford High School                                                12

Nadine            Hugo                               Aurora Private School                                                    11

Jami-Lee       Janse van Rensburg      Stirling High School                                                       12

Raquel           Jones                                Pretoria High School for Girls                                      12

Mary             Kennedy                            Roedean                                                                            12

Yoon Joo      Kim                                    American International School of Mozambique      10

Stuart           Lewis                                 Parktown Boy’s High School                                         12

S                    Linkov                               Somerset College                                                             11

Alexander    Minney                             St Andrew’s College                                                         12

Ashraf           Moolla                              Rondebosch Boy’s High School                                    12

Faizan           Nadvi                                Westville Boy’s High School                                          12

Yolanda        Ndhlovu                           Selly Park Secondary School                                         12

Azraa            Parak                                Parktown Girl’s High School                                          11

Reantha       Pillay                                 Maris Stella                                                                        12

Nashin         Pillay                                 Northwood School                                                            11

Murray        Polkinghorne                   Kearsney College                                                               12

Ruci             Pretorius                           Midstream College                                                            12

Olga             Pretorius                           Rhenigh Girl’s High School                                             12

Nina            Reinach                             Glenwood House                                                                11

Scott            Roberts                              Westville Boy’s High School                                            12

Holly           Robson                               St Mary’s, Waverley                                                           12

Emma         Ruiters                               Crawford College, Pretoria                                               12

Vanessa      Salisbury                           The Wykeham Collegiate                                                  12

Claudia       Schmidt                             Crawford College, Sandton                                              12

Roxine        Staats                                 Hudson Park High School                                                12

Jolandi       Swanepoel                         Pretoria High School for Girls                                         12

Joanne       Tomlinson                         Heronbridge College                                                          12

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL TOP 50 LEARNERS! And to the Top 15, we’ll see you at our 2011 Standard Bank National Schools Festival in Grahamstown (10th – 14th July)!


About Schools Festival

The Grahamstown Foundation’s Arts Education Department runs several provincial festivals throughout South Africa. Festivals include the Sasol Schools Festival Series (Mpumalanga, Free State/Northern Cape, and Gauteng) for Grade Elevens and the Standard Bank National Schools Festival for Matrics. Our project serves to ignite a passion for South African arts and develop artists and arts consumers with a culture of ‘paying for the arts’. Self-expression and bridge-building between individuals and communities are focal points while platforms for performance encourage audiences to engage with the best South Africa has to offer encouraging emerging artists to discover and develop their own artistic skills. Some 6,000 participants benefit from these programmes nationally over the period of a year. The need is evident from the enormous demand by schools. Participants from across a wide economic divide get to literally ‘rub shoulders’ because the projects attract large numbers of participants from the most rural schools to the most wealthy. Opportunities to engage with diverse arts experiences is rare, as are opportunities for artistic performance and assessment. The festivals expose the youth to professional work and hands-on workshop experiences with artists. They also engage with intellectuals in lectures and demonstrations. Professionals are drawn from national experts committed to establishing a creative nurturing ground and a sustainable arts industry. Our Educational objectives are to supplement the often under-funded and under-resourced arts and culture components of school curricula recognised as essential to holistic education, by submerging learners in an intensive arts experience that is absent in schools. Further objectives are to expose learners to a range of genres, arts opportunities and career options while encouraging them to further explore opportunities in the arts.
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